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Advertising for the 21st Century

Creativity, passion and the ability to connect with a relevant audience exist at the heart of successful social media and viral video marketing. Synapse Talent understands social media culture and we have a proven record for connecting with modern online audiences.

Traditional commercial advertising channels are becoming less and less relevant each day. To connect with today's audiences and grow, your company needs to offer content that is engaging, of-the-moment and available on social media.

Millions of Views at a Fraction of the Cost

When you're looking for the fastest and most cost-effective marketing results, social media and viral videos provide the best performance. It's impossible to predict exactly what will become viral, however Synapse Talent can position you to connect with the widest possible audience and with the best potential for success.

Have audiences look at your brand from a new perspective, with expertise and knowledge leadership from Synapse Talent.

Our work makes Synapse the Top Choice for Video Production Services

We Don't Just Have an EFFECTIVE Process — We Have a Complete Solution!

A Detailed Process that Covers Your Project from Start to Finish


We dive into your business, we pursue user-centric, analytically informed design.


We fame out, sketch and prototype alternative directions for your brand. The magic happens when strategy and design, verbal and visual, digital and physical evolve side by side.


We marshal expertise across disciplines to craft the fusion of experiences your customer has with you.

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