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Make Your Event More Dynamic & Engaging

Exhibitions and events benefit immensely from adding animations: they become more attractive and engaging to audiences, with easier and greater accessibility. Synapse Talent has had the good fortune to work alongside outstanding event designers and curators, to create exciting animation content and make visitor experiences more memorable and rewarding.

Our team is able to work with you on character design, sound production and other creative elements, then apply our technical expertise to deliver a finished product that will thrill you!

Integrate Animation into Your Exhibitions

We've heard many ideas and worked on all kinds of projects for events and exhibitions, now we look forward to hearing from you. We've made a positive difference in helping many clients connect with new audiences and expand their appeal. Synapse Talent can help you, too.

Contact our animation team to learn more about how animations can elevate the impact of your event.

Our work makes Synapse the Top Choice for Animations and Multimedia Services

We Don't Just Have an EFFECTIVE Process — We Have a Complete Solution!

A Detailed Process that Covers Your Project from Start to Finish


We dive into your business, we pursue user-centric, analytically informed design.


We fame out, sketch and prototype alternative directions for your brand. The magic happens when strategy and design, verbal and visual, digital and physical evolve side by side.


We marshal expertise across disciplines to craft the fusion of experiences your customer has with you.

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