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At Synapse Talent, its all about proactive approach & perfect delivery. We take on a proactive approach in understanding your project's requirements because its not just about that one video, but about your business, product or service that you're trying to promote through or the cause that you're trying to create awareness about. Yes! we understand all of this to provide you with a perfect voiceover servie online.With a diverse & talented network of voice over artists, we give great options to choose the right voiceover talent for your project and our team helps in every step of the process, that's the reason why we're known as one of the most trusted voice over agencies in dubai & across the world.

We value our relationship with our clients; therefore, we ensure your 100% satisfaction whether it is voiceover services, translation or multimedia services. We meet our commitment & deliver quality results.

Providing you with not just Perfect Voices but a Complete Solution


10+ Years Experience

With 10+ years as a voiceover agency in dubai, we know a lot of details in voice over services, which others take a lot of time to understand and this is what makes us deliver you with perfect voice over services online


10,000+ Projects Delivered

Working on diverse number of projects, understanding different clients' requirements and helping them meet their objectives has given us an invaluable experience & an edge over other voice over agencies in the industry


Native Voices in 100+ Languages

Voice overs have to sound perfect and natural. what matters the most is the accent & we gauarntee we get that perfectly right because we have native voice over artists for all the languages


99.9% Satisfaction Guaranteed

When you work with an experienced voiceover agency like Synapse Talent, it is sure that you get professional voice over services right according to your requirements


5000+ Voice Samples

We've done a great amount of voice overs from promotional videos to IVRs to documentaries for clients from across the globe, ensuring perfect results.


Dedicated Account Manager

We ensure that you get professional voice over services with us, thats why a deicated account manager works with you throught the process till you get your required voice over services

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